We Buy Houses Maryland Reviews-Brief Note

Realtors probably think that most of the We buy Houses guys are not likely to present opportunities to work together and make commissions. I would like to show that every Realtor should work hand in hand with a serious player. First of all, investors do a lot of marketing whether it is bandit signs, direct mail or using a web site such as any on the right hand side of Google.

Real estate investors ( the we buy homes companies) don’t use over 70% of those leads and from my experience only about 20% of the 70% are listed currently with Realtors. Most people that contact investors need to sell fast. Most don’t have a great deal of equity, but you would be surprised how many have enough to sell cheap and still pay your commission. You can work a deal with this investor to get their dead leads. Second, an investor can buy an ugly listing, work a short sale or even pay full price if your owner is willing to owner finance. Here is a real world example.For better tips visit-we buy houses maryland reviews.

Let’s say the house is worth $200,000. I would pay $192,000 with 6% down and zero interest payments of $900 for 72 months and then a balloon. For someone who needs to sell an Orlando home fast for cash without contingencies, the We Buy Homes guys are a possible solution. If you as a Realtor have been ignoring these people you need to make an effort to meet some if you have a house that must sell today or you don’t get a commission.